El Centro Verde evolves sustainable solutions for small farms and land management in the wet-dry tropics. We help to train the next generation of Earth stewards uniting agro-ecology, Permaculture and techniques from traditional farming systems.


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We can help you ensure success in your
next garden or water management
project; check out our services for
info about plants, soil amendments and 
consulting services.
We work within the local community and
our neighboring residential development, 
Pueblo Verde, to put sustainability and
into practice.
Join us to learn more about small farm
life in the wet-dry tropics. Live and
work in the forest but within five
minutes of the beach and great surf.

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In Grave Danger of Falling Food

The title is borrowed from a documentary film about Permaculture: a design approach to developing food production systems which have the stability, productivity and resilience of natural ecosystems.

In truth, my own relationship with permaculture has followed a decidedly non-linear course. In the late ‘70s a good friend forwarded a copy of Permaculture I, the book that was to spawn a global movement. That volume lay moldering in a trunk for two years while I globe-trotted in search of the unridden waves of Santosha and a few other remote destinations. Once having ‘been there and done that’ it was back to the books and hands into the soil.