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"Volunteering at El Centro Verde turned out to be a great opportunity for me to gain practical experience for my degree. The learning environment is relaxed and informal and the on-site library enables you to combine theoretical reading with hands-on work. Tom is a knowledgeable teacher, very friendly and laid back, encouraging you to realize your own projects and experiments. Having lived in Costa Rica for 20 years he is very well integrated and can hook you up with other people and projects, if you are interested, which made my internship a very varied experience. Volunteering long-term definitely is more beneficial to get to know the day to day tasks on an organic farm and to have the time to actually see your projects develop. Also having a general idea of what you would like to learn or try helps to make the most of your stay. If you bring a certain degree of motivation and the ability to work independently I’m sure you will benefit from the experience and most importantly: enjoy staying on that beautiful farm."  - Lisa J., 2013


 "Our stay in El centro verde was a great experience on a wonderful and interesting site with great neighbors! Our host was a mine of information always willing to share his knowledge and a good cup of coffee. Just by staying there and observing, we were able to feel how a well designed eco-system can be self-sufficiant and full of life." - Nabil C., 2013


"When I arrived at ECV, gardening was a hobby. Now I want a farm of my own. So thank you not only for providing a place to live and use utilities, and everything from giving rides, taking me to fiestas and occasionally breaking my vegetarianism with curry, but also for the knowledge and practice, not to mention the opportunity to learn Spanish and explore parts of Central America. I have to come back."    -Daniel W., 2012


"I learned so much about organic farming, erosion control, irrigation, growing various crops from seed, contour lines, fertilization, and so much more. El Centro Verde is a wonderful place to visit or volunteer." - Margaret W.