Green Building

Green Building, or, as we like to call it, Appropriate Building is available from ECV founder & director, Tom Peifer, with 20+ years of experience. Contact us for more information about buildilng styles, including post and beam, zocolo, bamboo, as well as custom-made furniture.

House Construction in PV



Plant Nursery & Soil Amendments

El Centro Verde has all your plant and soil amendment needs from ornamentals, fruit trees, native reforestation species, edible greens, and more. Plus, get your compost, biochar, and other soil amendments for this year's planting season. Stop by or contact us for more information.


El Centro Verde Nursery

Bio Char at El Centro Verde

Compost at El Centro Verde

Land Use Consulting

When it's time to think about placement of roads, structures, and landscaping for optimal water management, contact us for land-use consulting services.